makes 16 crepes
you need:
 2 cups of flour (250 g)
1 cup of water (240 ml)
1 cup of milk (240 ml)
4 eggs
a pinch of salt
a pinch of sugar
a spoon or two of oil (optional)
a crepe pan with a thick bottom
(which you can find at the specialty stores)
In a larger bowl mix flour, eggs, salt, sugar and some milk using an electric mixer. Keep adding the rest of milk and water gradually, untill the mixture is smooth.  
With a small amount of oil cover the bottom of the crepe pan, then ladle out enough batter to thinly coat it.
It is very important that your pan is warmed at medium to high heat before you start, otherwise, your first crepe may stick to the bottom.
The oil i use is exclusively extra virgin olive oil with a very low free fatty acid number, but any other cooking oil will be fine. 
Flip the crepe with a thin spatula when the raw batter thickens (in about a minute or so) and do the other side.
You may need to release the edges of the crepe from the sides of the pan with the spatula before you flip it over.
Spread some filling over the crepe, roll it up and decorate on top (orange marmalade on this photo)!
Savory crepes are delicious, although the sweet ones are the most popular.
You can use jams, marmalades, fresh fruit, chocolate, walnuts, sweet cream, fruit syrups, or the combination of any of the above, but do not let this list prevent you from being creative and adding anything you like.
I love savory crepes. I use sour cream and farmer's, ricotta, cottage , or similar cheese, make a paste and add some of my gourmet cooking herbal sea salt, previously ground in a mortar and pestle.
bon appetit!