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organic herbs
Thanks to the closeness of my village to the famous centuries old sea salt pans in the historic village of Ston, I am able to create a unique mixture of hand picked and home prepared herbs and natural salt.

This is the purest salt in the Mediterranean, rich in microelements and minerals, including naturally occurring iodine. It is harvested from shallow pans after the sea water evaporates.
Unlike table salt, this salt is not mass produced and harvested on a huge scale. It has not been bleached and no anti caking agents or stabilizers are added. It has not been processed in any way!
Healthy and delicious as it is, I still
gave it a little twist by adding dried, crushed or ground herbs, the bulk of which i picked myself. This sea salt is a real gourmet treat and is ready
to be added to any savory dish as you please.

There is only one rule: you have to enjoy
cooking! Use your imagination!

Here are some ideas: olive oil dip, salad dressing, pasta sauce, turkey stuffing, soups, stews, fish, any meat, any vegetables, put it in your home-made bread, pies, ...
Have you ever used lavender in cooking?
Try spicing up a butternut cream soup or stew with some lavender, sage, basil and rosemary mix sea salt from my kitchen!
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The Ston saltworks date back to Roman times. They are the oldest preserved saltworks in Europe, and very possibly in the world, too.
Salt is still produced using the same traditional method as it was centuries ago.
Salt is harvested by using wooden scoops on long sticks and then loaded into old fashioned wooden carts.
The Ston bay is very clean, spacious and isolated adequately from the rest of the sea. During the warm summer months, evaporation occurs overnight when the sea water accumulates in shallow pools.
olive oil dip with herbal sea salt
the green rooster mix:
organic hand picked Dalmatian sage, rosemary, bay leaf, marjoram, basil, oregano and thyme.