Winner of a prestigeous
award :
The Best
for 2008
Kvarner Expo '08,
Opatija, Croatia
Nature's Idea soap is a true country soap - fresh,
home made and all herbal. It is created from
the best ingredients found in nature. Only the finest 
local extra virgin olive oil
from hand picked olives is
used as a base, along with
the locally hand picked organic herbs, honey, oats, sea weed and a very important ingredient, pure botanical essential oils.
Essential oils are the beautifully fragrant extracts from
herbs that I use to scent my soap. They also
promote healthy living due to their therapeutic and healing properties. I do not use any synthetic fragrances as low quality substitutes for essential oils used in commercial or low cost home made soap, to drop the price down.
Nature's Idea soap is handcrafted in
small batches by a traditional "cold process" method which preserves
the nutritive qualities of the ingredients and results in a mild,
creamy soap with about 25%
natural gycerin.

The soap is either placed in individual molds, wire cut, or hand shaped and placed on the racks to cure for about a month.
Some of the beneficial properties of essential oils for your skin, to various degrees, are:
healing, toning, nourishing, rejuvenating, reducing inflammation, itch soothing, as well as being antibacterial, antifungal or insect repelling.
This truly natural soap is mild, moisturizing, soothing, non-drying, and is free of preservatives, detergents,
synthetic oils, fragrances and colorants.
Special ordering and gift wrapping is available.
Below is a list of my most popular soaps:
orange zest - lemon

contact: Zoja Senic-Estey, tel. 099-599-6218
The price of one bar is 8 euros.
double lavender
rose petals - geranium
St. John's wort
rosemary - sage
tea tree - lavender
sea lettuce - lavender
carrots - turmeric - lemongrass
goat milk soap - Roza's Soap
Each wire cut soap is uniquely hand stamped, and then each edge is smooth out one by one.
pine needle - myrtle
laundry soap (lavender)
hand shaped
soap pears
grating organic orange peel
local organic olives
organic herbs
extra virgin olive oil