pressed olives, flesh and pitts
loading olives
 in the hopper
up they go for
sorting and washing
Most ripe olives are dark, although there
are many varieties that always remain green.
Ripe olives give more oil, but the oil extracted from green, not fully ripe olives, is more flavorful, more bitter and healthier.

To obtain the highest quality olive oil, it must be pressed the same day
the olives are picked.
Dubrovacki Soap
There is so much to be said about the olive (Olea europea - latin). It is undoubtedly one of the healthiest fruits, but also charmingly beautiful, and if you wish, romantic in its own special way.
The olive is an evergreen tree known to Dalmatia since Biblical times. A powerful antioxidant found in the leaves and green olives, called oleuropein, has important health benefits. It is found to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and useful in psoriasis, different allergies, healing to the skin... Olive oil and olives are the base of the Mediterranean diet, hence the low incidence of heart disease and some forms of cancer in this part of the world.
The quality of olive oil is measured by the level of accidity and the process of extraction.
Extra virgin olive oil is the finest without comparison.
It is cold pressed without any refinement and has no more than 0.5-0.8% acidity. It contains health beneficial oleuropein which gives a bitterness to the oil. So here, the bitter, the better!
Gathering olives is a painstaking and
long process. It takes a lot of time to pick enough olives to make just one liter of oil.
Extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient in my soaps. Olive oil alone results in a soft and easily disolvable bar. In order to improve the overall quality of my soap, i add other skin conditioning oils (such as almond, grapeseed, coconut, rice or palm)
and essential oils for natural scent and beneficial
skin properties.
big blocks
 of extra virgin olive soap before cutting
helping pick oilves in a local olive grove
home made bread, prosciutto, local wine, onion and brined olives
Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer. It forms a breathable layer that prevents loss of skin's own moisture, while adding its own benefits.
The final bar is mild, but cleansing with a stable lather, smoothing, nourishing and moisturizing, with anti-inflammatory properties.
extra virgin
olive oil